Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Happiest Sandwich in the Galaxy

"So how was your day today?"
"Well, my sandwich smiled at me while I was making it, so that was kinda the greatest thing ever."

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Every year on the first Saturday of May, there's a National Free Comic Book Day. The comic stores hand out free comics – usually with a limit of three or five comics per person. 
Anyway, my family went to the comic store and got our free comics, then browsed around the store for a little bit. There were so many people there, and a lot of them were dressed up like superheroes. The best cosplay I saw was a dude dressed up like Tony Stark (with a stunningly accurate beard and Arc Reactor t-shirt) who was there with his daughter. She was dressed up like Iron Man. SO CUTE

Some of the t-shirts and mugs and toys they have there are so. Awesomely. Cool. I am such a Marvel fangirl. xD

My sister pointed this book out to me, and once I started flipping through it I was just like "Nope. I have to have this." It's a really, really cool book. I'm glad I bought it, as I am a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan. This is my favorite book at the moment just saying

WELLP the bottom line is I ended up buying a book. On Free Comic Book day. Isn't that always how it goes?

Did you guys know about Free Comic Book Day?
*coughs* Are too many of my blog posts featuring sandwiches? Why is this? I honestly don't know

>> Your friendly neighborhood Embers

Thursday, March 16, 2017

/Bonjour, Mes Amies/

• For no real reason, my sister and I took time-lapse videos of us rolling our eyes. #things sisters come up with It was hilarious. I highly recommend it.

• I was doing watercolor and wanted to test the color before putting it on the page. Naturally, I grabbed the closest bit of paper on my desk and covered it with blue paint tests. A bit later I flipped the paper over. . . aaaand realized it was a half-finished study card for the definition of ribosomal DNA.
#the moment of realization #whoops #I'm a bad student

• Clearly, I am absolutely in love with the French language. It's the best subject in my schooling right now. :D

• I found this brilliant quote:
"'It's always in the last place you look.' Well, DUH! Because you stop looking after you found it! HELLO!"
. . .Which actually pertains to me quite nicely right now because I lost my favorite eraser while drawing about a month ago and I'm still searching for it. XD

///Your friendly neighborhood Embers///

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hi... I Wrote a Poem About a Sandwich

After reading The Piano Girl's poem about a jar of peanut butter, I decided to share a piece of my homework with you. I had to write out a plotted poem (basically just a poem that has rising action, a climax, and falling action) for my Literature class. Naturally, my subject of choice was food. It's a little long and a little embarrassing, but oh well here we go. Hope you like it! XP

I laid out the bread, some cheese, some meat –
vegetables too, onions and beets
Added some green with lettuce and spinach,
For ‘twas lunchtime, and I craved a sandwich.

The cheese curled off the silver knife,
And I had to eat for quality of life
As the ham was layered, thick and moist,
My stomach made sure its hunger was voiced.

All assembled, and all present,
The sandwich I had made
Stood proud and stood scrumptious;
not an onion was mislaid.

As I took hold of the sandwich and breathed in the scent,
I knew my hunger had now reached its peak!
But ah, read on, please do, please do,
For the rest I am too sad to speak

Not my hollow stomach
Did the sandwich fill and restore;
‘Cause I did only what a person like I would –
I dropped it on the floor!

‘Tis good, thought I sadly,
watching the cat enjoy my lunch
That at least a meal went to someone hungry;
I’ll find something else to munch

//Your friendly neighborhood Embers//

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Captain America: Civil War sketches!

Hello hello!
Weeeeelllll haha I know I haven't been on since before Christmas *hides* so we'll just breeze past that and glide into the post I hope you had a nice Christmas and all that

I love this movie so much. Seriously. CA: Civil War one of my very favorite Marvel movies. It has fantastic action, good pacing, and I like literally every character in it. So naturally, the other day I was designing some of my favorite characters as dragons. ("It is a weakness with me, but to be fair to myself... it is my only weakness.")
Without further ado, here are the sketches I was doing in my journal. :3 Hope you guys enjoy them!
Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
Steve Rogers/Captain America

Oh yeah, all of the text beside them are from songs. In order, the songs are 'Left Hand Free' by Alt-J, 'New Blood' by Zayde Wolf, and 'This is War' by 30 Seconds To Mars. Alright, thanks for looking! Have a good rest of your weekend! :D
//Your friendly neighborhood Embers//

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Human Interaction Is Hard, Okay

My family and I went out for the day to go Christmas shopping to eat a nice lunch together. (Yes, we do our shopping approximately 4 days before Christmas. Everyone does, right? Haha ahem anyway....)
We went to this awesome restaurant that serves some of the greatest quesadillas and salads on this planet. I was really excited to eat the meal, which must have led my brain to my first mental fumble of the day, which went something like this:

Waitress: Soup or salad?
Me: *hearing "super salad" and thinking, "yep, I definitely want a super salad hur hur hur"* Yes please.
Waitress: .....So which do you want?
Me: *stares blankly until my mum and sister tell me what she actually said and I start breaking down with laughter* *chokes out the word "Salad."*

We ordered desserts (as seen above) and, well...
Waitress: You guys enjoy your desserts!
Me: *automatically* Thanks! You too!
She was sweet about it though, and laughed along with everyone else as they laughed at me as I laughed at myself.

Stay warm! Eat super salads! Only four more days til Christmas!
//Your friendly neighborhood Embers//

Monday, December 12, 2016

Twinkly Lights and Hard Crunchy Bites

#this is the face of pure happiness #NOT

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are feeling the lovely Christmas spirit and enjoying the smells of cinnamon and gingerbread cookies baking. I sure am, mhuahaha... *cackles as I nom another gingerbread cookie*

Okay, speaking of which, I BURNT THE COOKIES BY ACCIDENT. *cries* Note to self: when your family gets a new oven installed, do NOT bake cookies from a recipe that you have only tried once before in your life. You are still not sure a) how hot the oven gets or b) how long or short of a time the cookies actually need to bake in the oven. Ahem. (It's all good, we covered them in frosting, so you can barely even tell anyway. ;)

Anyway, make snowmen, deck the halls, bake cookies but be careful and have an awesome holiday with your friends/family/loved ones! Merry Christmas once again!

//Your friendly neighborhood Embers//

Thursday, December 1, 2016

In Memoriam...Of A Stereo

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of a mighty fallen soldier.
My beautiful, lovely stereo system, who has officially given up the ghost.
...Yeah. My stereo system died. I received this handsome thing for Christmas a couple years ago, and I have loved it every second it was still working. I used it almost every day whenever I was crafting, drawing, or just being in my room. It had two large, lovely speakers and very useful Bluetooth capabilities.

It basically worked perfectly up until a month ago, when it just wouldn't turn on. This little guy was just done. #reallywhatcanyoudo #technicaltantrum
Yesterday my dad opened it up and checked inside to make sure the problem wasn't fixable before we threw it out. (Sadly, he called it. This Insignia radio was declared officially dead.) I will say, the 'tech surgery' was scary and everything, but it was awesome seeing all of its 'guts'. Seriously, just look at this beautiful chaos. XD
We've been through a lot, this little stereo and I. It's so hard to see him go.
I'll never forget you, little buddy. *presses hand to heart* So long, so long, and thanks for all the music. X)

//Your friendly neighborhood Embers//